Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Making pocket money with internet surveys part one.

When most prospective business managers look at marketing on the web they turn to a tried and trusted form of data mining/information collection called surveying. Most people have taken or heard about someone taking a survey from a well known company trying advertise their hottest new product, but what consumers don't realize is that this form of feedback allows companies to turn a new idea into best selling product within a short period of time.

Right now there are several different companies and websites paying you to answer a few questions about a certain service or idea. While these people that are being paid do start off slow to start, they quickly gain more momentum when getting the general gist of how they are to be completed as well which websites pay out the most.

It may seem like easy money but there are bad eggs that will sucker you into free labor, the purpose of this post and ones that follow will tell you how to tell the good ones from the scam ones.


  1. Well I'd love to hear more, I'm sick of being tricked by companies.

  2. Also I find that many survey site pay very little so it can take months to earn even a few £'s